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Standing Building Archaeology and Built Heritage

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Working with standing structures and buildings is an increasing part of what we do as archaeologists. Structures AAG have worked on range in size from gravestones to a WWII aircraft hangar. Buildings and structures can be listed for a variety of reasons, and are protected by the Planning (Listed Building and Conservation Areas) Act 1990, in addition to this national listing scheme there are also locally listed buildings that the local authority deems significant. Anything that could alter the appearance or fabric of a listed building's interior or exterior will require listed building consent from the local planning authority. The setting of a listed building is also covered by the legislation and unlisted structures in Conservation Areas may also need planning permission before they can be altered or demolished. There are four levels of recording which may be required before any changes can be made to the building. It is a criminal offence with heavy fines or a prison sentence to alter or demolish a listed building without listed building consent.

Advice, Appraisal, Consultancy and Research


Buildings at Risk


Buildings of Local Interest


Cemetery Recording


Condition Survey


Conservation Area Planning Permission


Heritage Statement


Historic Fabric Restoration


Impact Assessment


Listed Building Consent


Setting Study


Soft Strip of Modern Interior


Standing Building Assessment


Standing Building Recording


Watching Brief