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Evaluation and Excavation

AAG carry out “digs” which can be an evaluation or a full-scale excavation and in rural or urban settings. An evaluation is an exploratory dig used to see whether complete excavation of a site is necessary, usually 4-10% of the site's area, although they can be as low as 2% or up to 25% of high-potential urban sites. In rural settings the archaeology can be spread over

a wide area and mesh into the surrounding landscape while urban archaeology is in tighter spaces, sometimes inside an existing building, and can consist of many layers going down a great depth. AAG have carried out evaluations and excavations for homeowner's building projects right through to infrastructure works for the world's largest civil engineering company. We are happy to negotiate with local authorities on the client's behalf in the arrangement and mitigation of these works, on occasion managing to avoid digging altogether.

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