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How to Build a Dam and Save Cultural Heritage

We are pleased to send out the *call for papers* and call for registration for an interdisciplinary workshop bringing together specialists from a wide variety of fields to encourage dialogue about dams and cultural heritage.


The impact of each dam on cultural heritage is enormous, affecting hundreds or even thousands of archaeological sites. Dams are required, however, to offset water shortages and provide electricity for a rising global population. Whilst acknowledging this need, this project brings together inter-disciplinary specialists and interested parties to

encourage practical discussion about minimizing damage to cultural heritage during the construction of dam projects.


Attendance is free, and lunch and refreshments are provided to those who book in advance.


Further information is attached, and more details and a booking form can be found on our project page:


With thanks,

Emma Cunliffe, Michelle de Gruchy and Emily Stammitti

PhD Researchers, Departments of Archaeology, Durham University and Edinburgh University

la honda dam church